Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta has been officiating weddings since September, 2016.  

She holds the title of wedding officiant as a minister granted henceforth by the Open Ministry and is entitled to all rites and privileges thereof. 

Contact: maryannechristiano@gmail.com 

Or call: 908-276-1514

TESTIMONY — Ashley C. Valentin-Patino

December 22, 2016

I am writing on behalf of the darling Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta. She officiated my wedding in September. It was a glorious event. I chose Maryanne to marry us because of her spectacular presence. When she walks into a room, she beams with light!

Maryanne became a close friend of mine around the same time I began dating my husband. She knew us at our most vulnerable time in the relationship, and she observed us as we blossomed into a full blown romance.

During the ceremony, she spoke with elegance. She smiled often and showed genuine love and support towards us. Her words were heartfelt. The guests definitely were impressed with her wisdom.

Maryanne is gracious, as well as punctual. She is professional in everything she does. As a wedding officiant, she highlights the couple as one, but also recognizes the individuality of the two separate beings.

Maryanne is a wonderful and poetic addition to one of the most important days in your life…your wedding!

Thank you,

Ashley C. Valentin-Patino